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The nuclear sector requires adapted equipment. We have already manufactured specific winches for this type of severe environment.

Do not hesitate to give us all your constraints to define the most adapted solution to your project.

Lifting a heavy door in a nuclear power plant

nucleaire 1


The winch is used for lifting a heavy door according to the instructions of an external regulation device.

Technical characteristics

  • Safety working load (SWL): 2 x 1750 daN
  • Speed: 6 m/min
  • Working cable length: 8 m
  • Hook path after reeving: 2.6 m when reeved with 3 falls
  • Rope capacity: 2 x 13 m with 3 dead turns
  • Rope diameter: from Ø12 mm to Ø14 mm
  • Decontaminable coating
  • Safety handle with security switch
  • Brake ratchet

Lifting winch for sensible loads

nucleaire 2


Winch with reinforced safety to lift sensible loads. It is equipped with a double braking system and a double overload detector.

Useful capacity: 200 kg, speed: 8 m/mn on inverter.

Cable manipulators

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Used in hostile zone, the cable manipulators are used to handle (branch maintenance) of THP plugs. The system is made of two independent motors and brakes.

SWL 600 kg on 4 wire ropes, speed of 1m/min.

Winch with emergency brake

nucleaire 4


Winch for nuclear industry with manual control, emergency brake and decontaminable paint.