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This media library offers you a set of resources regularly updated by HUCHEZ. Here you can find our press releases, photo selections and videos.

Conditions of use

HUCHEZ authorizes you to use the visuals, documents and videos offered in this media library free of charge, provided the following points are respected:

  • The visuals, documents and videos must not be used to illustrate articles, comments or reports likely to damage the brand image or reputation of the business or the group.
  • Under no circumstances may they be altered without express authorization from the company.
  • Their use must be accompanied a mention appearing in the description of the photo, the document or the video (for example: HUCHEZ).

The media library and its contents are protected by intellectual property rights (copyright, trademarks, etc.) belonging to HUCHEZ or to third parties that have granted it a usage licence. The usage rights you are granted here may not under any circumstances be interpreted as a conveyance of intellectual property rights.