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Reinforced safety

Some uses require a second brake so called "emergency brake": handling of fragile loads, hydraulic dams' inspections...

Our engineers are at your disposal to find the best solution to your needs.

Double motor and double brake winch

securite renforcee 4


Reinforced safety lifting winch with double motor, double brake and drum with one wire rope exit. Equipped with a radio-control, this winch is used to inspect hydraulic dams.

Technical characteristics

Capacity 2 t, lifting speed: 2 m/mn.

Winch with emergency brake

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Winch for nuclear industry.

Techncial characteristics

Manual control, emergency brake and decontaminable paint.

Double brake winch

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IP66 reinforced safety lifting winches with a double brake and a rope slack switch in a cement factory. Drum with two wire rope exits.

Technical characteristics (winch 1):

Capacity of the first winch: 5 t - lifting speed: 12 m/min.

Technical characteristics (winch 2):

Capacity of the second winch: 10 t - lifting speed: 6 m/min.

Winch with disc brake

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This winch is used to lift up derricks.

Technical characteristics

The capacity on the last layer is 10 tons and the lifting speed is 10 m/min. The wire rope capacity is 500 meters with diameter of 32 mm. It is equipped with a STROMAG emergency disc brake and an emergency pressure failure hydraulic clamp.