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CUSTOMER SERVICE: +33 (0) 3 44 51 11 33

After-sales service


Do you have a question concerning the use of your lifting equipment? Do you want to have one of our products repaired? Or do you want equipment you have returned to us appraised?

Qualified technicians are available to you to ensure the proper monitoring of all our products in response to all your queries or quotation requests concerning:


Orders of 1 and 2 March 2004 concerning checks on lifting equipment and accessories and their maintenance records.

As your lifting equipment is essential to your activity, HUCHEZ’s teams promise to act quickly with their advice and expertise, as well as a considerable stock of spare parts.

Before contacting us, obtain the following information from the nameplate on the equipment:

  • The type and power of the equipment.
  • The serial number and year of manufacture.

After an accurate telephone diagnosis, or once the equipment has been returned, a free quotation will be sent to you as soon as possible before any repair. For on-site actions, an agreed repair technician can be appointed.


If during maintenance operations you notice that certain parts of your winch need to be replaced, use HUCHEZ original parts only.

In any case, before contacting us, obtain the following information from the nameplate of your equipment: the type and power of the equipment, the serial number, the year of manufacture and the numbers or names of the parts you want listed in the product usage instructions.

You will be sent a free quotation as soon as possible.